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Conoce Oaxaca
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Welcome to Oaxaca

This travel guide website is made and permanently updated since 2003 and incorporates articles from Go-Oaxaca, our printed edition. We try to visit every place listed on this page and search for new places; we call every phone number and double check every detail. We hope it assists you in discovering Oaxaca. We enjoy to go everywhere and we are happy to share all the information with you to help you having a pleasant, uncomplicated and safe time without the hassle to figure out everything on your own. If you find anything that is not up2date please contact us right away. Tell us everything you know and we will go there and include it to this page. If you take pictures in Oaxaca contact us as well. We may use them for this page. We try to describe every place because we want you to know what to expect before you go to a venue where you have never been before.

Oaxaca is the capital of the state of Oaxaca with appr. 800 thousand people living here. According to Travel and Leisure magazine, Oaxaca is one of the 10 top destinations. This nomination is not for free, Oaxaca has so many things to offer: Music, handicrafts, gastronomy, art, traditions, festivities, etc.

Most of the accommodations listed in our hotel guide are in the center of Oaxaca. We list from five stars hotels to hostels and bed and breakfasts. Our Go-Oaxaca guide has also info about restaurants, nightlife, street food, recipes plus listings for Oaxaca surroundings and other destinations in the state of Oaxaca
The chapter overview gives you information on the state and the city of Oaxaca, the ways on how to arrive and getting around, plus information on the ethnical groups, famous people, gay life and traveling with children.

You´ll find also links on Oaxaca facts (weather, money, useful information); more links on maps, rent a car, Spanish and cooking schools plus museums, churches, markets, archaeological and historical sites.

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Don’t worry, we send emails no more than twice or three times per month. Next go into our Go-Oaxaca forum where you will be able to ask others about any inquire you might have about Oaxaca. Use the forum to introduce yourself to other users of this site and let others introduce themselves to you. Share info and experiences, and meet online before you maybe meet in Oaxaca.

You may oder books and cd´s online. You may also get latest event info for the period you will stay in Oaxaca, and we can email you info about the next big events. We have a great fluent English and Spanish speaking tour guides who can take you around. They can make it easier for you to discover the city and surroundings and can answer all your questions or if you prefer to go by yourself you might want to take a walking tour.

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Oscar Carrizosa